Family History Association of North Queensland Inc.

On a recent visit to the Family History Association of North Queensland Inc. at Hermit Park in Townsville to collect the books that they kindly donated to our library, I was met by Marilyn Grogan who welcomed me with open arms.  Another volunteer was also there, but alas I have already forgotten his name.


I received a tour of their library by Marilyn with a full description of one particular section that contained information to assist you to complete a degree externally with the University of Tasmania in family tree research.

They have approximately four alleys of books (books on both sides), that by the looks of the indexing reminded me of the town library indexing system (they have over 4,000 books).   A row of computers along one side for research with a board room table centre stage with microfiche, microfilm and mapping at one end.

 The board room is used for regular family history classes, including, introduction to family history, Family Tree Maker computer programme called Legacy, writing family stories, trove and DNA classes.  These are conducted predominantly by Jim with Marilyn on hand in case Jim is unavailable.

On speaking with Marilyn about the computer programme (which incidentally I have) she then proceeded to tell me about the new version and some little tricks that maybe I was unaware of.  She could not have been more helpful.

Marilyn has been treasurer for the past 6 years and their Annual Meeting was to be held the following weekend.  She will be standing as President.  The most members they have had is 300, with the numbers now down to approximately 200.


When I presented the WW2 book on behalf of Whitsunday Family History and thanking them again for their generous donation, they were taken unawares and immediately started looking at their newly gifted book.  They were as appreciative of the gifted book as we are of their recently donated books.

Top marks to Marilyn and Jim for their hospitality.  I shall certainly be in touch with them again when next I am visiting Townsville.

Marilyn’s details are:

Marilyn Grogan,  (President Elect)

Mobile 0418 197 012     Email:

Julie Lee, Vice President, Whitsunday Family History Group Inc.


Bunnings BBQ 24th. March

An enthusiastic group manned the BBQ at Bunnings and after many hours of cooking, talking, laughing and taking customer orders the sum of $649.00 was raised.

Many thanks to Linda and Pat for organising the crew and supplies.

Townsville library comes to our aid




Within days of Cyclone Debbie devistating the Whitsundays, the Family  History Association of North Queensland rallied to show their support by phoning our Library and offering to donate books to suppliment our severly damaged collection.

Librarian Linda took the phone call and was touched by their kind generosity. The FHANQ offer brought a ray of sunshine into what was at that time a very dark place in the history of our 30 year club.

Not only did we have to cancel out 30 year celebration due that weekend but we had to return to a library that had had hundreds of milometres of rain  tumble through the roof and a metre deep of contaminated water seep in from blocked street pipes.

For health and safety reasons we were not allowed to enter the building until the carpets had been ripped up and the whole building fumigated. When we were allowed back in, deathly quiet, shocked expressions with bewildered looks on everyones faces showed as we took in the destruction. I remember stepping from one foot to the other to prevent sticking to the floor.

Like the Whitsunday area, It has taken months to restore the damaged buidings. The Library is back to the  state it was formally in. Whitsunday Family History Group Vice President Julie Lee drove to Townsville last weekend to collect the Donation of replacement books by FHANQ and was delighted to be greeted by such a friendly group and shown around their lovely Library.

Thank you so much, Family History Association of North Queensland inc. For your gererous donation.

Since then we have has another generous donation by Fred Biddulph. Thank you Fred for your generous donation










The annual general meeting has been and gone for another year with the following office bearers elected.

President Jennifer Wood outlined some of her exciting plans for the WFHG monthly discussion group meetings. Jennifer was encouraged by the support of the members who also look forward to several field trips this year.

The first field trip is scheduled for the 30th April and will be an interesting guided tour of the Family history section of the new Dudley Denny City Library at Mackay.

Also included on the day is a TROVE Information training session that will be conducted by the Heritage and Literacy Librarian Donna. 

Later in the year there will be visits to the Chinese Missionary Grave, Local Parish Churches to view the Registers and a guided tour of Ayr Cemetery.

The plan to hold Skype sessions with National and State Archives as well as Webinars was welcomed by all present.

The morning concluded with a delicious cake baked by Linda and welcome morning tea.